The tax incentive programs related to Scientific Research and Experimental Development claims have gone through many changes over the years and will likely continue to do so.  It’s important for claimants and SR&ED service providers to stay abreast of the current policies and trends.

In March 2012 the federal budget released some significant changes to be implemented to the SR&ED tax incentive program. Certain tax measures from the 2013 budget further extend potential risks for both taxpayers and preparers in relation to filing SR&ED claims.  This draft legislation (ITA 162 (5.1) to (5.3)) provides for penalties for false or incomplete information disclosure, defines the roles and responsibilities of the preparer and claimant, and the measure of culpability under which these penalties apply effective from January 1, 2014 onward.  Additionally, claimants have seen an overall increase in the number of and depth of Canada Revenue Agency reviews of SR&ED claims.

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2014 Highlights

February 11, 2014
RCMP charge seven in alleged CRA fraud

2013 Highlights

October 31, 2013
Changes to the T4088 – Guide to Form T661

October 31, 2013
Changes to the Form T661

October 31, 2013
Changes to Form T1145  – Agreement to Allocate Assistance for SR&ED Between Persons Not Dealing at Arm’s Length

October 31, 2013
Changes to Form T1146  – Agreement to Transfer Qualified Expenditures Incurred in Respect of SR&ED Contracts Between Persons Not Dealing at Arm’s Length

September 18, 2013
CRA Draft Examples of Eligibility of Work for SR&ED ITC’s

January 24, 2013
CRA delivers enhanced administration and predictability for SR&ED claimants