The tax incentive programs related to Scientific Research and Experimental Development claims have gone through many changes over the years and will likely continue to do so.  It’s important for claimants and SR&ED service providers to stay abreast of the current policies and trends.

In March 2012 the federal budget released some significant changes to be implemented to the SR&ED tax incentive program. Certain tax measures from the 2013 budget further extend potential risks for both taxpayers and preparers in relation to filing SR&ED claims.  This legislation (ITA 162 (5.1) to (5.3)) provides for penalties for false or incomplete information disclosure, defines the roles and responsibilities of the preparer and claimant, and the measure of culpability under which these penalties apply effective from January 1, 2014 onward.  Additionally, claimants have seen an overall increase in the number of and depth of Canada Revenue Agency reviews of SR&ED claims.

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2018 Highlights

April 1, 2018

The Canada Revenue Agency has established new service standards reducing the times for processing scientific research and experimental development claims.

Service Standards for SR&ED Claims

2017 Highlights

March 16, 2017

The Canada Revenue Agency announced improvements to the pre-claim consultation process, making it easier to request a consultation.

Learn more about the Pre-Claim Consultation Service

Access the CRA’s new simplified Pre-Claim Consultation Online Request Form

2016 Highlights

August 2, 2016

CRA Release – Pre-Claim Review Launch

This new service responds to stakeholder requests for more predictability and consistency in the SR&ED program. The consultation program replaces the Pre-Claim Project Review Program and the Account Executive services. This Pre-claim Consultation is an on-demand service that allows potential claimants to have a preliminary review of the work they are doing and receive a determination on the eligibility of the SR&ED claim before it is filed. With pre-determined eligibility the claimant is assured that the CRA will accept the claim as filed.

May 30, 2016

CRA Release – Guidelines for Resolving Claimants’ SR&ED Concerns

This release sees the implementation of the guideline document, Form RC532 – Administrative Review Form, and the birth of a National SR&ED Administrative Review Intake Centre.

Form RC532 allows taxpayers to request an administrative review after such time that they have received the initial proposal letter.

Form RC532 – Administrative Review Form

2015 Highlights

November 16, 2015

CRA Release – New Claimant Tool – Self Assessment and Learning Tool (SALT) designed to help claimants understand eligibility requirements of the SR&ED program is presented as two standalone interactive PDF forms. This downloadable 2-part tool is for claimant use only. Information entered into the tools is not transmitted to the CRA.

Self-Assessment Learning Tool

June 25, 2015

CRA Release – Public (severed) Version of the Financial Claim Review Manual – Review Procedures for Financial Reviewers.

Financial Claim Review Manual (for Financial Reviewers)

April 29, 2015

CRA Release – The SR&ED Technical review: A Guide for Claimants

SR&ED Technical Review Guide (for Claimants)

April 21, 2015

New Release – Claim Review Manual (CRM) for Research and Technology Advisors (RTA)

Claim Review Manual (for Research and Technology Advisors)

2014 Highlights

December 18, 2014

The CRA releases new SR&ED policy documents. Visit our “SR&ED Resources” page to learn more.

September 19, 2014

CRA releases a new video series directly related to Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program.

Video 1: Who can claim SR&ED tax incentives?

Video 2: What work qualifies for SR&ED tax incentives?

Video 3: How do you calculate your SR&ED expenditures and investment tax credit?

Video 4: How to apply for SR&ED tax incentives?

February 11, 2014

RCMP charge seven in alleged CRA fraud

2013 Highlights

October 31, 2013

Changes to the T4088 – Guide to Form T661

October 31, 2013

Changes to the Form T661

October 31, 2013

Changes to Form T1145  – Agreement to Allocate Assistance for SR&ED Between Persons Not Dealing at Arm’s Length

October 31, 2013

Changes to Form T1146  – Agreement to Transfer Qualified Expenditures Incurred in Respect of SR&ED Contracts Between Persons Not Dealing at Arm’s Length

September 18, 2013

CRA Draft Examples of Eligibility of Work for SR&ED ITC’s

January 24, 2013

CRA delivers enhanced administration and predictability for SR&ED claimants