Viner R&D Tax Specialists is an SR&ED tax focused firm combining uniquely specialized individuals with a common goal to provide a high quality, personalized, professional, tax-oriented service, including planning, follow-through and optimal compliance, while maintaining our sense of humour.

Our aim is to define and understand our clients’ goals and to provide creative solutions to enable the achievement of these goals.  Our objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations by educating them so they understand the impact of their plans and to keep them informed of new developments in the relevant area of service.

SR&ED tax credits are provided by both federal and provincial governments in Canada to encourage companies to invest in innovation. Effectively, up to 64.325% of eligible costs of salaries and wages can be claimed for federal and provincial tax agencies (varies by Province example uses Ontario rates) to obtain refundable tax credits.

Viner R&D Tax Specialists have over 25 years of experience helping clients large and small recover a significant amount of their SR&ED costs from CRA.  That kind of track record has gratified us with an enviable reputation with both our clients and CRA.

SR&ED Tax Incentives

Privately held companies, as well as publicly listed companies, engage us to assist them in the analysis and documentation of Scientific Research Expenditures.  Often a review of the corporate tax return will lead to other compliance optimization ideas.

Tax Incentives Education

Various organizations and associations rely on our firm to teach others about taxation.  In addition, we are in the business of educating our clients, professionals, and Canadians everywhere through our writing and publishing activities which have included the book Guide to the Taxation of R&D Expenses – available across Canada.

Interfacing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

A large percentage of our work often includes interaction with the Canada Revenue Agency on behalf of our clients.  Our experience and reputation in this area ensures that our clients endure any interactions with CRA and understand all options available to them.  In the event that differences cannot be resolved at the initial negotiation stages, our firm stands ready to provide litigation support to tax counsel representing our clients.